There’s one thing about paranormal TV shows that I absolutely love. They are so much more than what people think they are. They are so much more than the illustrations on their posters. They are so much more than fantasy and miracles. They teach us one thing that we fail to learn in real life. Hope. Faith. Belief. Three different words, butĀ one sublimeĀ feeling.

If you’ve watched The Flash, The Magicians, or anything else supernatural, you know what I’m talking about. There’s this one guy or girl the show primarily revolves around. Nothing is special about them, really. They’re not the strongest or the smartest. They’re far from perfect. In fact, they sometimes make the worst mistakes, the kind that put the whole team a kilometer behind in the race against the supervillain. But somehow they’re the most important part of the show because they’re strong at heart. They never give up. They hope for the best. No matter how crooked their path looks, no matter how vague their destination seems to be, they find a lead and just follow it.

Many of us are confused in our lives. We have all the speed we want, but can’t figure out which way to go. And we panic because life is so short and everybody else seems to be so very well planned and organized with their goals.

“How can I still not know what I really want to do?”

Maybe it’s okay to not know. It’s life, it’s supposed to be unpredictable. Sometimes we just have to pick up something and see how far we can go with it, and then, find another lead. After all, there can only be a finite number of dead-ends in a maze.

Barry Allen, Quentin Coldwater, you have taught me so much, I can’t thank you enough. I might not be trapped in the Speed Force or be chased upon by the Beast in Fillory, but I have battles to fight, and the faith you have always had will show me how to keep going.